Owens Health Care Community Fund Donates $5,000 to Build Shastice Bike Park

Owens Health Care, which recently opened a new pharmacy on Mount Shasta Boulevard in Mount Shasta, has donated through the Owens Health Care Community Fund $5,000 to the Shastice Bike Park project. The new Shastice Community Bike Park is under construction and will be local kids and attract visiting mountain bikers of a range of ability levels. The project is a cooperative venture between BikeShasta.org, the Mount Shasta Trail Association, the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District, the Mountain Wheelers, and other private foundations and contributors. BikeShasta.org thanks Owens for their generous donation. BikeShasta.org is a volunteer organization that relies on the support of community members, foundations and businesses like Owens Health Care.


  1. These donations and landowner cooperation are the wave for future single track minded riders.

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