We envision a network of 100 miles of multi-purpose trail that will attract cycling tourists by the thousands, contribute millions of dollars to local economies and inspire better health and quality of living through access to world-class outdoor recreation for cyclists at all levels.

We exist as an organization to,

  1. Build 100 miles of professionally designed, sustainable, multi-use trail over the next 10 years.
  2. Attract 30,000-50,000 cycling tourists per year to Siskiyou County.
  3. Generate $1 million per year for our local economy from outdoor recreation tourism.

The 100 Miles of Trail Campaign is embarking in 2014 on an ambitious campaign to build over 100 miles of world-class, multi-use trail in the greater Mount Shasta Area.

In 2013, our partner organization (The Mount Shasta Trail Association) commissioned and published the Mount Shasta Conceptual Trails Plan. This report outlines a detailed strategy for transforming our community into a wold-class trails destination.

Please review the report here, feel free to comment below, and then support our efforts by donating here!

The Vision:



  1. Very exciting. I will certainly use the trials when built and stay in the area to do so!

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