Your donations will help design, build, and maintain 100 miles of trail over the next 10 years. Please Donate Now to Support our Work.

Send checks to:

PO Box 1582
Mount Shasta CA 96067


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We need your support to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Design world class trail systems
  2. Coordinate landowners, resource managers, community members, trail builders, volunteers, and regulatory agencies
  3. Secure necessary permits, agreements, and easements
  4. Secure funding for construction, equipment, signs, maps, and trailheads
  5. Build sustainable, accessible, professionally designed, multi-use trail systems
  6. Monitor and maintain existing trail systems

Our work inspires people to

  1. Improve personal health through exercise and outdoor recreation
  2. Protect the environment through sustainable trail building
  3. Visit Mount Shasta for multiple days spending loads of money on local hotels, restaurants, outdoor shops, vacation rentals, breweries, galleries, and more

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